After having tested several manufacturing and distribution models, Motivation LLC has implemented the current model, that of the assembly of imported products. This means wheelchair distribution that has a higher value-for-money level than what the Romanian market currently offers.

We are also unique in Romania due to the fact that our service provision model follows the eight steps process recommended by the World Health Organization (first meeting, assessment, prescription, financing, preparing the equipment, fitting, wheelchair user training and subsequent servicing). We are convinced that this model offers each individual the product that he/she needs.

We have managed to develop our offer, so that we are currently able to provide a wide range of products which cover all age groups and all types of mobility disabilities.

Our strategy also includes customer feedback, by means of our own call center, which enables us to continually adapt to all needs.

Our company has signed agreements with the Health Insurance Offices that finance the purchase of wheelchairs by persons with disabilities, within the parameters of a defined price range and with a certain frequency.

Over the years we have developed long-term relationships with our external partners, such as Shaw Trust UK, the World Health Organization, Mosaic USA.