Useful information

Motivation LLC has been active on the Romanian wheelchair market since 2001. The company’s objective is to provide customized mobility devices and urinary management systems to persons with disabilities in Romania. Motivation LLC imports wheelchairs that are assembled and adapted here to fit the individual needs of each wheelchair user. Motivation LLC is the only Romanian provider to apply the eight steps of wheelchair provision, as recommended by the World Health Organization. We provide the assessment and prescription of customized wheelchairs and we deliver them with independent living training. Also, we provide urinary management products, essential for the health and independence of wheelchair users.

Starting with 2004, each year we sign agreements with the National and County Health Insurance Offices that enable us to provide mobility devices and urinary management equipment. We operate through 15 regional teams, all over Romania.

Since 2007, Motivation LLC is authorized by the Romanian Automotive Register to adapt vehicles that can be driven by persons with mobility disabilities. Thereby we further contribute to a significant increase in wheelchair users’ independence and quality of life.

Global and community impact

Motivation LLC created 97 jobs in the country, some of them in less resourced areas, such as Mehedinți, Galați, Neamț. We employed 12 persons with disabilities in our 15 regional teams. This model has a high value in setting an example for other persons with disabilities to build their independence, as well as in the positive impact of our employees¢ specific disability expertise on the business. When assessments and prescriptions are performed by people who are wheelchair users themselves, the products will better answer our customers¢ needs.

Our business model has encouraged some of our employees, persons with disabilities, to establish social economy structures in their home counties. Thus, in Brasov, Neamț, Sibiu, Ilfov and Prahova there are now wheelchair fitting and service workshops, as well as adapted transportation services for persons with disabilities.

Motivation LLC has provided, on request, wheelchairs to beneficiaries from Bulgaria, the Republic of Moldova and Serbia. We have initiated discussions with individuals and associations in Bulgaria and the Republic of Moldova, with the aim to implement in these countries a business model similar to that of Motivation LLC. We are still searching for partners that are able to replicate/adapt the model in these countries. An expansion of our activity can only be performed in countries from Eastern Europe and ex-Soviet countries, due to the fact that any country from Western Europe already has a stable market, able to respond appropriately to customers` needs.