The wheelchair

The prescribed wheelchair has to meet the physical and functional requirements of each individual wheelchair user and has to be delivered together with an appropriate training of the adult or child wheelchair user, as well as of the adult caregiver, for correct usage and maximum degree of independence of the wheelchair user. Lack of special fittings and of professional assessment, prescription and training services can lead to the development of side effects in wheelchair users, including permanent postural deformations and severe medical complications.

We are the only Romanian provider to offer specially adapted equipment for children with mobility disabilities, including cerebral palsy (CP).

Also, starting with July 1st, 2012 we are the official distributor for Panthera wheelchairs in Romania (

Motivation LLC has signed agreements with all County Health Insurance Offices in the country, which means that eligible wheelchair users from all over the country are able to purchase wheelchairs subsidized by the national health insurance system.

For additional information regarding wheelchair manufacturing and distribution, please see the contact information for our regional teams under Contacts.

Motivation Romania can provide the following types of wheelchairs:

–          Active

–          Positioning

–          Orthopaedic









How to acquire a wheelchair

The Health Insurance Office from the residence county covers the costs of purchasing a wheelchair by an eligible person with disabilities, once in 5 years. If during the past 5 years you did not receive a new wheelchair subsidized by the Health Insurance Office, you have the right to such a mobility device.

For the purpose of receiving a free wheelchair, the following documents need to be submitted to the Health Insurance Office:

          Recommendation from a specialized physician (2 original documents), valid for 30 days from its issuance;

          Disability certificate (photocopy);

          Most recent pension coupon (original);

          Birth Certificate or ID card of the beneficiary (photocopy);

          ID card of the caregiver (photocopy);

After submitting these documents, the application will be approved within 30 days, according to the Law. The decision issued by the Health Insurance Office is valid for 30 days, during which you can order a wheelchair from Motivation.


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