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bibliotecaCreated in response to the need for sustainable services by Motivation Romania Foundation, Motivation2Print is a profit generating activity, and a sheltered workshop, in accordance with Law 448/2006. This is why companies with over 50 employees that purchase products from motivation2print can deduct the costs from the state tax they pay to support the employment of persons with disabilities.

Motivation2Print focuses mainly on customers that fall into the following categories: medium sized companies (>50 employees), NGOs, medium sized public institutions (>50 employees) and individuals.

Motivatio2Print is managed by Motivation Romania Foundation, with 16 years of experience in developing pilot projects and manufacturing facilities.

Our customers can purchase a series of graphic design services provided by our experts, for the purpose of creating and conveying the accurate image, according to the customers’ requirements.

Motivation2Print offers the following: business cards, letterhead, flyers, posters, brochures, nametags, labels, personalized calendars, pocket calendars and designs for any other type of printing products.


Podisor Street No.1, Buda village, Cornetu, Ilfov county, Romania

Telephone/Fax: 021.369.27.72




Because we want to encourage and accelerate the efforts to enhance wheelchair access to public buildings, we provide accessibility assessment services. Also, we give the Motivation Accessibility Mark to public and private institutions that meet the requirements assessed by our experts. The Accessibility Map is a tool dedicated to wheelchair users, a useful information source which centralizes information regarding accessible areas of Romania.

The services currently provided by Motivation are part of the Wheels of Change project financed by USAID – United States Agency for International Development, between 2009-2014.

The Motivation Accessibility mark is registered at the State Office for Inventions and Marks, registration number M2012 02770.

For details concerning accessibility assessment for your organization, please contact us at or call 021 637 00 34.