HAWK active wheelchair

The HAWK is a compact and sturdy wheelchair for active use. It comes with a solid frame, an ergonomic seat, an impressive drivability, and a vast number of customization options. It is adjustable to fit any wheelchair user’s dreams and challenges.
The HAWK is made for all active wheelchair users (max. 120 kg) who need an adjustable wheelchair for daily use. It has features such as: An adjustable balance point, modifiable seat height and seat depth, flexible strap seat and flexible strap back. Furthermore, it has an adjustable back angle and adaptable back height. These seven features allow a continuous adjustment of the seating posture.
The HAWK is made for indoor and outdoor use, it is easy to disassemble and easy to transport in a car.

Panthera X active wheelchair

Panthera X has the chassis and back rest frame made in carbon fibre The carbon fibres fantastic lightness and strength makes Panthera X by far the lightest wheelchair in the world, with a transport weight of incredible 2,1 kg.
With new state of the art technology to place the fibres in the right direction we have increased the strength even more. The lightness and stiffness of the chassis makes Panthera X fantastic to drive and to lift into, e.g. a car.
Panthera X has a built-in rear axle, just like Panthera U2 light, To balance the chair you choose one of the 4 positions of the attachment for the backrest. The angle of the backrest is adjustable and the backrest height can be selected between 22 and 35 in steps of 1 cm. The footrest is adjustable in height.

Panthera U3 Light Active Wheelchair

The U3 light is a wheelchair designed for the experienced active user who can handle a “tippy” wheelchair without anti-tip device.
After long-terme sitting in a wheelchair many people develop problems with neck and shoulder pain. To help them reduce and/or prevent further problems we have designed the U3 light to make lifting and driving the chair as easy as it can possibly be without, of course, reducing the ergonomic features from the U3.
The design is optimized for easy handling in and out of cars and extremely good driving characteristics. The very clean and minimalistic design gives the experienced active-user a big opportunity for improvements in his or her daily life.
In its standard configuration, the U3 light has a carbon fibre rear axle, Spinergy X rear wheels, X footrest in aluminum and X castor wheels and a seat bag with integrated magnet.
The U3 light exists in two different set-ups. “U3 light” with normal balance, and “U3 light L” with a more “tippy” balance.
On the “U3 light L” the rear axle has been moved forward an additional 22 mm.
It’s possible to adjust the position of the backrest by +/- 10mm, forward or backward, to calibrate the balance. Standard colour is pearl white or anodic black.

Panthera S3 Swing Active Wheelchair

Part no.                                              Name
G348                                                 S 2 45 wheelchair with the following options:


3474500G                                         Complete S2 45 wheelchair black frame
3302346                                            carbon axle bar with quick release axle, 45+1.5
2004515                                            S2 front forks with 6″/115mm wheels
3254540                                            complete backrest width 45cm height 40 cm conic
6604500                                            S2 Swing footrests, pair
1300050                                            standard 24″ standard rear wheels, titan push rim
4351000                                            anti-tip system – pair
4430130                                            S2 removable side guards with armrest – pair
4610000                                            High brake pair
4750039                                            cushion width 45 cm , height 5 cm
4250000                                            push rims – pair

EOS3 CARR active wheelchair

From the attention to combine aesthetics, functionality and quality, was born the new ultra lightweight titanium fixed frame wheelchair EOS: perfect essence of style and elegance, unique in the details, from the original line and the exclusive design.

EOS CARR active wheelchair

Pram with rigid super light titanium frame. By attention to combining aesthetics, functionality and quality, was born the new wheelchair in titanium fixed frame EOS.

Lightweight and resists because titanium composition.
Carbon elements that help reduce weight and high maneuverability.
In a variety of combinations.

Panthera Bambino Children’s Wheelchair

Part no.                     Name

G356                         Bambino wheelchair with the following included options:


3562700G               Bambino wheelchair, 30 cm, red
3302327                   carbon axle bar with quick release axle, 37 cm
2300019                   Bambino front forks with hard rubber wheels
3232717                   Bambino backrest, height 30 cm
1100120                   24″ rear wheels, titanium push rims
4220027                   30 cm complete push rim
4410015                   pair of Bambino 24 ” side guards
4753030                   cushion width 30 cm, height 5 cm

Panthera U3 Active Wheelchair

The Panthera U3 is an active wheelchair designed to let you live life as actively as possible. It is characterised by the attention that we have put into all of its details.
Its low weight combined with the stable fixed frame and casters with a unique profile on the tread surface make this wheelchair very easy to manoeuvre.
The chassis’ seating angle, along with adjustable backrest and seat upholstery and the backrest tilt function combine to provide extremely good seating comfort.
The fabric used in the backrest upholstery has also been carefully selected for ergonomic and comfortable sitting.
The chair’s balance point can be adjusted to enable you to find a setting that offers a feeling of security. Accessories such as armrests and side guards have a unique design and you can adjust the height and fore-aft position of the armrests yourself without using tools.
The soft upper section of the side guards fold down when loaded such as when moving into or out of the wheelchair. You can place your hands on the side guards when you lift yourself up or down.
The attractively integrated anti-tip device can be folded in and out by yourself while you are seated in the wheelchair.

Quickie Helium Active Wheelchair

Part no.                                                                  Name
HUM010000                                                         Quikie Helium 40 wheelchair with the following included options:

HUM020005                                                         strap seat with pocket
JAY020004                                                           Jay Lite cushion
HUM030317                                                         backrest with upholstery
HUM080008                                                         single arm front aluminum fork
HUM080304                                                         solid rubber front wheels with aluminum rim
HUM030203                                                         pair of foldable support handles
HUM040104                                                         carbon side guards
HUM050026                                                         carbon footrest
HUM070006                                                         Spinergy rim with spokes 12 size 25′
HUM070205                                                         titanium wheel rims
HUM070104                                                         Schwalbe Marathon Plus Evolution tires
HUM090024                                                         high pressure pump
HUM060004                                                         pair of compact High brakes
HUM090017                                                         additional front wheel for unlevelled ground
HUM100501                                                         orange color package

Quickie Xenon2 FF Active wheelchair

Part no.                                                       Name
XFF010000                                               Quikie Xenon2 FF 45 wheelchair with the following included options:

XFF030012                                               adjustable backrest
XFF030031                                               foldable backrest
XFF030317                                                backrest with upholstery
XFF040103                                               painted aluminum sides
XFF050132                                               carbon footrest plate
XFF090006                                              anti-tipping device
XFF080306                                              solid tire and aluminum rim front wheel
XFF080008                                              single arm front aluminum fork
XFF080315                                               painted front fork
XFF070005                                               Spinergy rim with 18 spokes size 24′
XFF070104                                               Marathon Plus Evolution streaked tire
XFF060003                                               pair of compact High brakes
XFF010000                                               wheelchair frame with 92′ folding with integrated footrest
XFF070211                                                 titanium wheel rims

Forest electric wheelchair for children

It is a version of the wheelchair with the same name, adapted for children:

  • Has excellent rear wheels suspension, installed on buffers, enhancing comfort during movement;

By adding suspension to the front wheels, we have a wheelchair with a high level comfort.


Tracer Electric Wheelchair

Comfortable and sporty. The efficient backrest and seat offer appropriate support to the body and guarantee a high level comfort. In case of the standard version, the armrests can be adjusted in height and depth. The control unit can be easily reclined, for good access near tables.


  • BZ7/BY8 – footrest with manual adjustment of the positioning angle, on the same level with the calf support;
  • BZ7E automatic footrest adjustment;
  • Se39 electronic backrest angle adjustment;
  • Chin support
  • Additional caretaker joystick;

Maximum speed: 10 km/h.


Forest Electric Wheelchair

It is a revolutionary model for electric wheelchairs.

The rear wheels are installed on special springs and, together with the front wheel suspension, enhance comfort during movement over rough terrains. Your safety is also taken into account. Front and back signals use LED lights and provide excellent visibility.

Standard: 6 km/h, without seat adjustment and backrest reclining.

Maximum speed: 10 km/h.

Squod Stand-Up Electric Wheelchair

Additional fees for:

  • Se52 backrest back reclining (manual adjustment);
  • Aa2 backrest back reclining (with pneumatic springs);
  • Se04 chin support + alternative hand command;
  • Se09 additional control unit for the caretaker;
  • Se19 lights;
  • Bz7 footrest elevator;
  • L55 headrest;
  • B12 wood table;
  • B15 plastic table;


Squod Electric Wheelchair

An electric wheelchair to be used indoor/outdoor.

The Soft version seat and backrest provide a feeling of comfort, regardless the situation.

The back and front standard lights result in an optimal degree of safety when used outdoors in the evening.

The 2×200 Watt (2x12V – 79 Ah) batteries are well placed under the seat, allowing you to use the chair even in rainy weather.


Rapido Electric Wheelchair

Rapido combines comfort with technology.

Rapido can be best characterized as “all-in-one”. Comfort, technology and design go hand in hand.

Once again it was proven that a product with special technology does not have to be massive. Rapido weighs 38 kg and this makes it an extremely easy to handle product. The seat and backrest have an anatomic shape for optimal position and comfort for the user. As an addition, the armrests can be adjusted in height and/or depth, or they can be completely removed.

Additional fees for:

  • Se52 backrest back-reclining (manual adjustment);
  • Aa2 backrest back-reclining (with pneumatic springs);
  • Chin support;
  • Se09 additional control unit for the caretaker;
  • Se19 lights;
  • Bz7 footrest elevator;
  • L55 headrest;
  • B12 wood table;
  • B15 plastic table;



Express2000 Electric Wheelchair

Electric wheelchair with a microprocessor. It is easy to handle, with minimal effort for the highest degree of comfort. The controls can be customized. The speed, acceleration and sensibility of the joystick are parameters which can be individually programmed, for all the comfort that the user needs.

Has easy to install/uninstall batteries, adapted seat and backrest for the purpose of folding, thus decreasing the total weight to 23 kg.


  • Smooth acceleration, up to 6 km/h;
  • The double X support system makes it more durable;
  • Seat width and armrest height adjustment;
  • Seat width: 39 cm, 42 cm, 44 cm, 46 cm, 50 cm;

Additional fees for:

  • Se52 backrest back reclining (manual adjustment);
  • Aa2 backrest back reclining (with pneumatic springs);
  • Chin support;
  • Bz7 footrest elevator;
  • L55 headrest;
  • B12 wood table;
  • B15 plastic table;

Buggy wheelchair for children

Aluminum frame, foldable, easily stored and transported.

Comfortable seat and backrest. Adjustable headrest.

Offers the option of changing the handle’s position according to the direction of movement.

Removable seat, adjustable in two directions.

Ensures adjustment of the seat’s width and depth.

Footrest with adjustable angle and length.

Storage area for small items under the seat.


Active Breezy 250 active wheelchair

Its new design with 25mm tubes offers Breezy 250 an enhanced durability and resistance. The new folding systems has no screws and no reinforcements, which translates into easy usage.

It has a wide range of models and accessories, allowing for perfect fit for the patient.

The adjustment of the weight center is simply made by changing the position of the axle bush. This allows a setting of the wheelchair that ranges between a more active and a more stable profile, or with a lower turning radius, based on the depth of the seat.

Breezy 250 has 3 backrest heights, by changing the position of the front and rear wheels.

  1.  H=50,5 cm; Rear wheel 24″ – position 1; Front wheel 8″ – position 1.
  2.  I.   H=48 cm; Rear wheel 22″ – position 1; Front wheel 6″ – position 1.
  3.  I.   H=48 cm; Rear wheel 22″ – position 2; Front wheel 6″ – position 2.

The new design of the front frame and the position of the rear wheel means a 76.5 cm length, excepting the footrests. This facilitates the access to closed/narrower areas.


Helium Active Wheelchair

Maximum user weight: 120 kg

Seat width 32-46 cm (with 2 cm increment)

Seat depth 34-48 cm (with 2 cm increment)

Height of front seat 43-55 cm (with 1 cm increment)

Height of back seat 37-50 cm (with 1 cm increment)

Seat narrowing of 0.3 cm (on each side)

Length of footrest 22-52 cm.

Knee angle 100-92°.

Backrest height 25-45 cm (with 2.5cm increment)

Backrest folding -31° – +15°(with 3,5° increment)

Wheel angle 0,3,6°.

Total weight of wheelchair 6.5 kg.


EclipsXXL high durability wheelchair

Ultralight wheelchair for heavier users, made of aluminum, provided with double X support system and folding. EclipsXXL ensures comfort due to the anatomic shaped seat and backrest. This wheelchair has special wheels with armed rims. Transfer to the chair is easily performed due to the removable aluminum arms.

Patient’s maximum weight: 200kg.


EclipsX5 Ultra-light Wheelchair

EclipsX5 active wheelchair is equipped with:

-”spider” wheelchair back wheels

– multiple adjustment options

– adjustable push handles


EclipsX4 ultralight wheelchair

EclipsX4 is part of a new generation of completely adjustable wheelchairs. It is made of aluminum.

The seat is adjustable in 3 positions, both in height and depth.

It has ergonomic push handles adjustable in height.

The armrests can be folded to the back, removed or adjusted in height and/or length.

Users’ maximum weight: 130kg.

Eclips+ ultralight wheelchair

Eclips is the newest ultralight wheelchair. The frame is made of aluminum, which makes the wheelchair light, but also very resistant. It has a 14.8kg weight and a maximum of 130kg transportation capacity.

Easily adjustable by depth and height. The seat can be installed in different positions. The ergonomic push handles can be adjusted by height. The wheels are detachable.

Thus, you can adapt the wheelchair in accordance with your needs and will. Even the armrests can be folded to the back, removed or height adjusted.

V300 ultralight wheelchair

Standard wheelchair for temporary or permanent use and with a series of adjustment options:

4 height positions of the seat

5 depth positions of the seat

3 height position of the armrests

3 length position of the armrests

Frame colors:


V200 ultralight wheelchair

Standard wheelchair for temporary or permanent use and the following adjustment options:

4 height sizes of the seat

2 depth sizes of the seat

3 armrest sizes

5 seat angle positions

V100 ultralight wheelchair

Standard wheelchair for temporary or permanent usage with a series of adjustment options:

3 height sizes of the seat

2 depth sizes of the seat

3 armrest sizes

EclipsX4 wheelchair for children

Ideal wheelchair for children, made of aluminum tubes, resistant to small hits. The seat’s cover is designed for protecting clothes from getting caught in the wheelchair’s wheels. Being light-weight and foldable, it can be easily transported by train or car.

708 wheelchair for children

Standard wheelchair made of high quality steel: – vertically foldable – removable armrests, – reclining footrest, – modular construction which allows the product¢s adaptation to the individual needs of the user – seat width: 32 cm and 37 cm – wheelchair weight 16 kg.

Frame color:

Upholstery color: 


Inovys positioning wheelchair

Due to its reclining options, the INOVYS wheelchair allows you to have an ideal position all the time. Both the seat and the backrest can be easily and independently adjusted. Also, you can choose only items which suit your individual needs. You can also choose the frame color and upholstery color. The wheelchair is characterized by the high number of adjustment options of different parts: seat depth; position of the armrests; positioning angle of the foot and leg support; length of the footrest; depth of the footrest; push handle with height adjustment; headrest which completely covers the ears and is completely adjustable (L58); smooth backrest and wheelchair angle adjustment; adjustable width; rear wheels brakes; anti-tipping system.


Serenys positioning wheelchair

By selecting SERENYS you have purchased a wheelchair completely created for you comfort. SERENYS is a model exclusively designed for persons with low mobility, in order to be used independently or with assistance, both inside and outdoors – in some areas.

In order to get accustomed with the product, please read the user’s guide carefully. SERENYS has an aluminum frame which also supports the backrest. The armrests, knee protection items and the footrests are made of highly resistant ABS plastic. Serenys can be handled by an assistant or by the user. It is an extremely comfortable wheelchair, designed for those who spend a lot of time in the wheelchair and can be completely adjusted in accordance with the needs of each user, to ensure the required position during movement or rest. The backrest’s angle can be adjusted by using a pneumatic cylinder. The backrest’s angle can be independently adjusted independent of the wheelchair’s angle.

Serenys is available in three seat sizes, 39 cm, 45 cm and 51 cm, with adjustable depth from 44 cm to 50 cm and three seat height positions (measured from the ground to the wheelchair) from 43 cm to 52 cm. The arm positioning height can be adjusted. The headrest’s height and depth can be adjusted. The footrest’s angle, which has a knee protection wedge, can be adjusted, as well as the height, depth and width. The footrest can be folded towards the interior of the wheelchair. The angle and depth of the foot plate can be adjusted. The wheelchair’s backrest cushion, which is 50cm or 60 cm in height, and the rest of the upholstery are made of semi-memory foam and covered with DARTEX (soft) in order to provide maximum comfort for the user.

EclipsX4 90° comfort wheelchair

EclipsX4, with a backrest angle adjustment up to 90 degrees, offers maximum comfort. The wheelchair is equipped with orthopedic seat and backrest, made of “soft” material. The adjustment of the backrest’s angle is made with the help of a spring system. The special headrest offers a correct position.

Eclips x4 90 seat and Bz7 backrest are included in the standard model.




Eclips+ 30° wheelchair with reclining backrest

Eclips+ is a wheelchair with a backrest angle adjustment of 30 degrees. It is made of aluminum, as is Eclips standard. An excellent wheelchair for those who need a continuous repositioning of the backrest; a mix of endurance and functionality.

Jazz 30° wheelchair with reclining backrest

Jazz is made of high quality carbon steel and weights 16 kg, 8 kg less than the standard models. The backrest’s angle can be adjusted up to max. 30°.

The design of the constructive model offers maximum resistance. The wheelchair has easily removable wheels, footrests which can be height adjusted and detached, as well as reclining armrests. Due to all these options, after folding, the wheelchair takes up less space and can be easily transported in the trunk of a vehicle. The nylon upholstery additionally consolidates the entire structure of the wheelchair.

Frame color  :

Upholstery color:


708DHEM2 hemiplegic wheelchair

Standard design for persons with hemiplegia who have the ability to use only one hand. Two metallic circles for pushing the wheelchair are attached to one of the wheels, with the option to install them on the right or left, based on requirements. The brakes are inter-connected for the purpose of stopping both wheels with one hand. The constructive design of the wheelchair increases comfort and functionality during usage. The armrests and footrest are removable.


708DT30 Transportation Wheelchair

Standard transportation wheelchair with removable armrests and footrests.


Height (cm): 92.

Length (cm): 104.

Weight (kg): 16.

Width (cm): 49; 51; 54; 56; 62.


Armrest height (cm): 17; 22.

Backrest height (cm): 43.

Seat depth (cm): 35; 43.

Seat height (cm): 51.

Seat width (cm): 37; 39; 42; 44; 50.

708DA Amputee Wheelchair

Design with weight balancing items for persons with one or both legs amputated. It can be equipped with leg supports for those with prosthesis. Due to its constructive design, the wheelchair offers comfort and functionality during extensive usage. The armrests and footrest are removable.


708DS standard wheelchair

Standard wheelchair with approx. 5 cm vertically adjustable seat which allows the user to push the wheelchair with his/her feet. The wheelchair is equipped with smaller sized front and rear wheels. Due to its constructive design, the wheelchair offers comfort and functionality during extensive usage.

The armrests and footrest are detachable.

708D standard wheelchair

Made from high quality carbon steel. We offer a wide range of colors, as well as a wide range of frame sizes, enhancing the wheelchair user’s comfort degree. Our wheelchairs have a modular design, which makes it possible to adjust the wheelchair in accordance with his/her needs. The armrests and footrest are removable. Maximum weight: 120kg.



Jazz S50 orthopedic wheelchair

Standard wheelchair

  • Available in three sizes: 39 cm, 43 cm and 46 cm
  • Only B03 (length) armrest
  • Krypton front wheel
  • Inflatable back wheels
  • Removable back wheels
  • Removable footrests
  • Vertical folding



Escape AV Active Wheelchair

A high quality, strong and extremely light wheelchair. Escape is made of aluminum and has a weight of only 12 kg. This means that it weighs 5 to 10 kg less than a standard wheelchair. Maximum comfort is offered by its fine design and easily removable wheels.


28-Double X consolidated frame wheelchair

Created for patients with higher body weight.

Comfortable and solid.

This wheelchair has a double X support system and can support up to 150 kg.

The footrests are retractable and foldable. The office type armrests (allow easy access to a table) are provided with comfortable upholstery.

The footrests are equipped with side wheels to protect the walls and furniture during movement.