E-Drive Wheels

E-Drive will give you more freedom and make your everyday life easier. E-Drive can easily be fitted to manual wheelchairs and comes with the very latest design of hub motor. You can choose to use the motor or to push the wheelchair yourself. E-Drive can be customized to suit individual needs, which means that it off ers a high-quality solution for users. It can be controlled easily using a joystick. E-Drive can also be equipped with controls for carers. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
Price – 18,764 lei (VAT included)
E-drive advantages:

¤ Various wheel size – 20″ si 26″

¤ It can be maneuvered with one hand

¤ Maximum speed vary between 2 to 6 km/h/h


SmartDrive Wheel

The Max Mobility SmartDrive Wheelchair Power Assist device is exclusively intended to provide auxiliary power to manual wheelchairs to reduce the pushing power needed by their users, including pediatrics, with a user weight of 30 to 331 lbs
(14 – 150 kgs).

Price – 18,794 lei (VAT included)

SmartDrive advantages:

¤ Autonomy of 20 km.

¤ Device weight 6.1 kg.

¤ user weight of 30 to 331 lbs (14 – 150 kgs)


ATTO Scooter

Folding Mobility Scooter.

Price 16.290 ron (VAT included)

ATTO advantages:

¤ High-performance mobility scooter on the market

¤ Maximum speed: 4 mph (6.5 km/h)

¤ Maximum user weight: 220 lbs (100 Kg)

¤ Seat height: 3 fixed heights ranging 22 to 24 inches (56 to 61 cm) from the ground.


Ceres 4 scooter

Bold design.

Modern version.

Performance: maximum speed – 12 km/h

High impact for a basic model product.


  • Shopping basket
  • Anti-tilting
  • Protection bar
  • Wide wheels
  • Rotating seat
  • Adjustable seat (back and forth)
  • Backrest angle adjustment
  • Easy to handle
  • Ergonomic, compact

Carpo 2 Scooter

Power, comfort and modern style, exceptional mobility.

Maximum speed – 17 km/h

Carpo advantages:

  • Rear and front anti-shock springs
  • Lights
  • Headrest
  • Aluminum wheels
  • Efficient seat and backrest
  • Shopping basket
  • Rotating seat
  • Adjustable seat (back and front)
  • Backrest reclining
  • Easy direction handling
  • Ergonomic seat balancing