Inovys positioning wheelchair

Due to its reclining options, the INOVYS wheelchair allows you to have an ideal position all the time. Both the seat and the backrest can be easily and independently adjusted. Also, you can choose only items which suit your individual needs. You can also choose the frame color and upholstery color. The wheelchair is characterized by the high number of adjustment options of different parts: seat depth; position of the armrests; positioning angle of the foot and leg support; length of the footrest; depth of the footrest; push handle with height adjustment; headrest which completely covers the ears and is completely adjustable (L58); smooth backrest and wheelchair angle adjustment; adjustable width; rear wheels brakes; anti-tipping system.


Serenys positioning wheelchair

By selecting SERENYS you have purchased a wheelchair completely created for you comfort. SERENYS is a model exclusively designed for persons with low mobility, in order to be used independently or with assistance, both inside and outdoors – in some areas.

In order to get accustomed with the product, please read the user’s guide carefully. SERENYS has an aluminum frame which also supports the backrest. The armrests, knee protection items and the footrests are made of highly resistant ABS plastic. Serenys can be handled by an assistant or by the user. It is an extremely comfortable wheelchair, designed for those who spend a lot of time in the wheelchair and can be completely adjusted in accordance with the needs of each user, to ensure the required position during movement or rest. The backrest’s angle can be adjusted by using a pneumatic cylinder. The backrest’s angle can be independently adjusted independent of the wheelchair’s angle.

Serenys is available in three seat sizes, 39 cm, 45 cm and 51 cm, with adjustable depth from 44 cm to 50 cm and three seat height positions (measured from the ground to the wheelchair) from 43 cm to 52 cm. The arm positioning height can be adjusted. The headrest’s height and depth can be adjusted. The footrest’s angle, which has a knee protection wedge, can be adjusted, as well as the height, depth and width. The footrest can be folded towards the interior of the wheelchair. The angle and depth of the foot plate can be adjusted. The wheelchair’s backrest cushion, which is 50cm or 60 cm in height, and the rest of the upholstery are made of semi-memory foam and covered with DARTEX (soft) in order to provide maximum comfort for the user.