EclipsX4 90° comfort wheelchair

EclipsX4, with a backrest angle adjustment up to 90 degrees, offers maximum comfort. The wheelchair is equipped with orthopedic seat and backrest, made of “soft” material. The adjustment of the backrest’s angle is made with the help of a spring system. The special headrest offers a correct position.

Eclips x4 90 seat and Bz7 backrest are included in the standard model.




Eclips+ 30° wheelchair with reclining backrest

Eclips+ is a wheelchair with a backrest angle adjustment of 30 degrees. It is made of aluminum, as is Eclips standard. An excellent wheelchair for those who need a continuous repositioning of the backrest; a mix of endurance and functionality.

Jazz 30° wheelchair with reclining backrest

Jazz is made of high quality carbon steel and weights 16 kg, 8 kg less than the standard models. The backrest’s angle can be adjusted up to max. 30°.

The design of the constructive model offers maximum resistance. The wheelchair has easily removable wheels, footrests which can be height adjusted and detached, as well as reclining armrests. Due to all these options, after folding, the wheelchair takes up less space and can be easily transported in the trunk of a vehicle. The nylon upholstery additionally consolidates the entire structure of the wheelchair.

Frame color  :

Upholstery color:


Jazz S50 orthopedic wheelchair

Standard wheelchair

  • Available in three sizes: 39 cm, 43 cm and 46 cm
  • Only B03 (length) armrest
  • Krypton front wheel
  • Inflatable back wheels
  • Removable back wheels
  • Removable footrests
  • Vertical folding