Panthera Bambino Children’s Wheelchair

Part no.                     Name

G356                         Bambino wheelchair with the following included options:


3562700G               Bambino wheelchair, 30 cm, red
3302327                   carbon axle bar with quick release axle, 37 cm
2300019                   Bambino front forks with hard rubber wheels
3232717                   Bambino backrest, height 30 cm
1100120                   24″ rear wheels, titanium push rims
4220027                   30 cm complete push rim
4410015                   pair of Bambino 24 ” side guards
4753030                   cushion width 30 cm, height 5 cm

Pepi bath lounge for children

Pepi lounge was designed for meeting your expectations in terms of children’s hygiene. It is made of aluminum tubes which offer endurance and stability for a long period of time.

Due to its positioning versatility, the product can be completely adapted to the needs of the user.

Width: 18cm;

Depth: 23 cm;

Total length: 110 cm;

Support length: 63 cm;

Weight: 1.6 kg;

Maximum user weight: 30 kg;

Forest electric wheelchair for children

It is a version of the wheelchair with the same name, adapted for children:

  • Has excellent rear wheels suspension, installed on buffers, enhancing comfort during movement;

By adding suspension to the front wheels, we have a wheelchair with a high level comfort.


Buggy wheelchair for children

Aluminum frame, foldable, easily stored and transported.

Comfortable seat and backrest. Adjustable headrest.

Offers the option of changing the handle’s position according to the direction of movement.

Removable seat, adjustable in two directions.

Ensures adjustment of the seat’s width and depth.

Footrest with adjustable angle and length.

Storage area for small items under the seat.


EclipsX4 wheelchair for children

Ideal wheelchair for children, made of aluminum tubes, resistant to small hits. The seat’s cover is designed for protecting clothes from getting caught in the wheelchair’s wheels. Being light-weight and foldable, it can be easily transported by train or car.

708 wheelchair for children

Standard wheelchair made of high quality steel: – vertically foldable – removable armrests, – reclining footrest, – modular construction which allows the product¢s adaptation to the individual needs of the user – seat width: 32 cm and 37 cm – wheelchair weight 16 kg.

Frame color:

Upholstery color: